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Viele interessante Themen für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten schaffen es nie auf die Webseite, weil sie schon vorher vergeben sind. Deshalb schauen Sie bitte, welche Mitarbeiterin/welcher Mitarbeiter in dem für Sie interessantesten Themenbereich Projekte bearbeitet sowie Studienarbeiten betreut und erkundigen sich bitte direkt bei ihm/ihr über aktuelle Themen!

Theses in Progress

Master Theses

Mani Khavari, B.Sc.

PUF-based authentication with a constraint on the number of challenge-response pairs

Supervisor:  Andrea Grigorescu Vlass, M.Sc.


Alihan Kaplan, B.Sc.

Topic in work

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl


Johannes Großmann, B.Sc.

Topic in work

Supervisor: Prof. Holger Boche


Michael Koller, B.Sc.

Topic in work

Supervisor: Prof. Holger Boche



Completed Theses

Master Theses

Na Li

Phaseless signal recovery in spaces of analytic functions using inner-outer factorization (September 2016)

Betreuer: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl


Sebastian Baur

Biometric Authentication Systems with Strong Secrecy (February 2016)

Supervisor:  Andrea Grigorescu, M.Sc.


Stephan Kaltenstadler

Entanglement Assisted Classical Capacity of Compound Quantum Channels (November 2015)

Supervisor: Dipl.-Phys. Gisbert Janßen


Anna Frank

A special case of the wiretap channel II with an active eavesdropper (September 2015)

Supervisor: Dipl.-Math. Dr. Harutyun Aydinyan

Çağkan Yapar

Compressive Phase Retrieval in Finite and Infinite Dimensional Spaces (July 2015)

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl


Andrea Grigorescu

Robust Biometric Authentication and Secure Message Transmission (February 2015)

Supervisor: Prof. Holger Boche

Ezra Tampubolon

Frames for the Space of Multi-banded Finite-energy Signals on Locally Compact Abelian Groups with Applications to Sampling Problems (February 2015)

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl


Fanny Yang

Signal Reconstruction from Magnitude Measurements in Infinite Dimensional Spaces (July 2013)

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl


Sadaf Pirhadi

Capacity Region of Compound Gaussian MAC with Partial Channel State Information and Partial Cooperation (September 2012)

Supervisor: Dr. rer.nat. Moritz Wiese

Bachelor Theses

Ezra Tampubolon

Sampling and Reconstruction in Redundant Shift-invariant Spaces (October 2012)

Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Volker Pohl